CfP: Responses to Capitalist Crisis

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CfP: Responses to Capitalist Crisis

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World Association for Political Economy

Call for Papers
Responses to Capitalist Crisis: Neoliberalism and Beyond

The Sixth Forum of the World Association for Political Economy
May 27-29, 2011, at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA, USA
Co-sponsored by the Union for Radical Political Economics

Topics for the Sixth WAPE Forum
1. Class analysis of the responses to the financial and economic crisis.
2. Is neoliberalism on the way out or will it survive the economic crisis? What might replace it?
3. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the revived Keynesian economics?
4. What problems are posed by the rising national debt in many countries?
5. The prospects for major institutional and regulatory reform in the global economy and in various countries.
6. Class analysis of the growth of right-wing movements in response to the economic crisis.
7. Lessons from the history of past capitalist crises for the current situation.
8. The problems of, and opportunities for, building socialism in the midst of capitalist crisis.
9. Can the euro survive the current economic crisis?
10. The danger that tensions among states due to the economic crisis may lead to serious conflict.
11. Can the East Asian Model be accepted by the other countries?
12. Indigenous people in the United States
13. Human Development Economics in Political Economy

Proposals for both individual papers and complete sessions are welcome.

Please send your application, including curriculum vitae and a paper abstract of 500 words (in Chinese or English), to Professor Xiaoqin Ding at

Deadline for applications: January 15, 2011.
Applicants will be notified about acceptance of their paper by February 15, 2011.
Papers (in Chinese or English), of up to 6,000 words, will be due by March 31, 2011.

Website for the Forum:

Conference papers can be submitted for consideration for a special issue of the Review of Radical Political Economics of papers presented at this forum.
• Official Languages of the Forum: Chinese and English

• Schedule

1. On site registration begins on May 27, 2011.
2. Official program on May 28 through May 29, 2011.

• Registration
You can register at The advance registration deadline is April 22, 2011. The registration fee for advance registration is $100. The forum dinner on May 28 (optional) costs an additional $30. Information about advance registration via the web will be available soon. The registration fee after April 22 is $125, except for participants who cannot make payments in US dollars before arrival.

• Hotel Accommodations
Individuals will be able to reserve hotel rooms at the University of Massachusetts Campus Center Hotel or at nearby hotels. Information about reserving a hotel room is now available at

Marxian economists from all over the world are welcome to attend the forum whether or not they will present a paper. The WAPE Forums aim to encourage cooperation among Marxian economists and to enlarge and strengthen the influence of Marxian economics in the world.

• WAPE. The World Association for Political Economy, registered in Hong Kong, China, is an international academic organization founded in 2006 by Marxian economists and related groups around the world. The mission of WAPE is to utilize modern Marxian economics to analyze and study the world economy, reveal its laws of development, and offer policies to promote economic and social progress on the national and global level. The first five WAPE forums were held in Shanghai, Shimane (Japan), Beijing, Paris, and Suzhou (China) during 2006-2010. Participants in past WAPE forums have come from many countries in Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, and North and South America.

• WRPE. The World Review of Political Economy is a new peer-reviewed quarterly journal of Marxian Political Economy sponsored by WAPE and published by Pluto Press. For more information about WRPE, including types of submissions that will be considered, go to

• WAPE Award. The Distinguished Achievement Award of World Political Economy of the 21st Century, established by WAPE, has been granted annually since 2009. It is intended to promote research in modern political economy around the world by granting the award to economists who have made important innovations in the theory or methodology of political economy since the year of 2001. The 2011 WAPE Award will be granted at the opening ceremony of the Sixth WAPE Forum. Nominations and applications can be sent to

More information can be found on the WAPE website at
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