Call for Papers- American Power

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Call for Papers- American Power

Postby TwinkleStarrs » Mon May 06, 2013 8:57 am

ISA 2014 Panel Proposal
Paper Deadline: May 23, 2013

American Power in Decline?
Theorizing the Future of World Order

We are looking for two papers to include in our Panel Proposal for the International Studies Association (ISA) Annual Convention March 26-29, 2014, to be held in Toronto. In keeping with the 2014 ISA theme, Spaces and Places: Geopolitics in an Era of Globalization, our proposed panel is entitled, American Power in Decline? Theorizing the Future of World Order. We successfully convened this panel at Historical Materialism 2013, New York University, to great reception and feedback from the audience, and wish to build upon this success at future conferences, especially ISA.

We will consider all paper proposals broadly related to the theme of the panel, but in particular are looking for those who argue that American power is in decline, especially in relation to: 1) the rise of China; 2) the rise of the ‘pink tide’ in Latin America; or 3) the new ‘scramble for Africa’. Other topics in declinism would also be welcomed, including those who argue that the very concepts in the debate are anachronistic/invalid — for example due to the rise of a ‘transnational capitalist class’.

We are three PhD students, and our papers on this panel are as follows:

American Power Hasn’t Declined — It Globalized! Summoning the Data and Taking Globalization Seriously, by Sean Starrs (York University). This paper is based on an International Studies Quarterly article available here: ... 3/abstract Keywords: American Power; Globalization; Rise of China.

‘Emerging Powers’ and Global Capitalism: In and Against the American Empire, by James Parisot (SUNY, Binghamton). Keywords: American Empire; Emerging Markets; Hegemony.

American Hegemony: Decline in the Middle East?, by Stephen Maher (York University). Keywords: American Hegemony; Arab Spring; Middle East.

Please submit an abstract of less than 200 words, a title, and three keywords by Thursday May 23, 2013 to Sean Starrs:
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