The Forum on Capital as Power

The Forum on Capital as Power brings together a diverse range of radically minded people who explore the idea of capital as power. We think this idea offers a promising new alternative for doing innovative research in political economy.

By conceiving capital as the symbolic quantification of power, the notion of capital as power challenges the conventional division between politics and economics, real and nominal, and state and capital. And by treating accumulation as a process of differential capitalization, capital as power offers new tools for empirically exploring capitalism.

The combined focus on both theoretical and empirical research is (we think) important. It corresponds with what we believe should be a guiding principle for radical research: in order to change the world, we must first understand it.


  • Joseph Baines
  • D.T. Cochrane
  • Blair Fix
  • James McMahon
  • Mladen Ostojic
  • Ilirjan Shehu


If you have questions, comments, or would like to submit a working paper, please email