Jesús Suaste Cherizola Wins the 2021 CASP Essay Prize

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Suaste Cherizola, ‘From Commodities to Assets’

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Fix: ‘The Rise of Human Capital Theory’

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Can the World Get Along Without Natural Resources?

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  • Reply To: Polanyi and CasP
    May 8, 2021 2:36 pm

    1. Interaction versus dissolution In my work with Shimshon, we have argued that the ‘politics-economics’ duality, born from the early consternation of feudal power by the rising European burgs, has …

  • Reply To: Cherizola’s “From Commodities to Assets” wins the 2021 RECASP Essay Prize
    May 8, 2021 1:57 pm

    I  read the essay quickly. It was very thought provoking and well written but not in my dialect. (I used to formally study theoretical biology and ecology and would go …

  • Reply To: Polanyi and CasP
    May 8, 2021 12:12 pm

    Here’s my two cents about the problems with Polanyi. He writes: normally, the economic order is merely a function of the social order. This is a perfectly good statement that …

  • Reply To: Polanyi and CasP
    May 7, 2021 6:04 pm

    Scot Griffin wrote:Reviewing Polanyi’s The Great Transformation, it struck me that many of his observations are consistent with and predict CasP Polanyi is famous for arguing that people, land and …

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  • Suaste Cherizola, ‘From Commodities to Assets’
    May 1, 2021 10:29 am

    From Commodities to Assets Capital as Power and the Ontology of Finance JESÚS SUASTE CHERIZOLA May 2021 Abstract Assets are a crucial concept of the practice and mindset of the …

  • Differential Taxation: The Case of American Banking
    September 10, 2020 8:07 pm

    Mladen Ostojić Abstract This paper maps an empirical history of corporate profit and taxation in the United States, with a special focus on the differential profit and taxation of banks …

  • Growing Through Sabotage
    September 7, 2020 12:55 pm

    Growing Through Sabotage Energizing Hierarchical Power SHIMSHON BICHLER and JONATHAN NITZAN June 2020 Abstract According to the theory of capital as power, capitalism, like any other mode of power, is …

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