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Pieter de Beer
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Thanks for the encouragement Blair.

I think I will Flesh this piece out in full depth before I move on to any other subjects within the CasP sphere, I have found it deeply fascinating digging this information up over the last few weeks, and in looking over the sources, there is a lot to do in connecting the dots to show this evolution from feudalism to mercantilism, to proto-capitalism.

I’m not happy, for instance with the limited view of focusing only on England and the USA, and am sure that if I broaden the horizons, there would be far more informative information surrounding the rest of Europe, the Middle-East, the Far East, North Asia, Africa, and south America.

I also don’t think that the level of detail here is even remotely granular enough, and so the “intuitive leaps” needed to jump from event to event might actually be completely incorrect.