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Hi Rowan,

I merged it with the current thread on movies.

My current streaming setup is Criterion Channel and Kanopy. Kanopy is free with a library subscription, including public libraries. YouTube certainly has some gems. MOSFILM’s channel has recently uploaded a lot of Soviet-era films for free, likely in the attempt to get someone, somewhere out there, to consume Russian art in 2022.

Justification for piracy is a twisted web of morals, which we can theorize and debate, and sales data, the details which we need are hidden. The MPA often presents astronomical numbers to estimate the economic effects of piracy, but they also don’t provide the data to debunk their claims.

Distributors are anti-piracy on principle, and I do not know of a studio that has accepted any argument that free access to content can written down as promotion for other content (back in the Napster days I remember the big counter-argument being that music piracy raises music sales).

Does piracy hurt artists or the “right” people we want to support? In the age of streaming, residuals are slim, so a lot of actors, writers and producers are not seeing any more dollars after their production fee. I’m not sure this makes piracy a clear-cut thing. I personally think films, much like science and literature, should be free to all, but I can’t ignore that, under capitalism, artists are fighting for more control over their art and their income.