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    Hey researchers! Do you have an essay that engages with the idea of capital as power? Or are you itching to write one? Either way, consider submitting your essay to the 2021 Capital as Power Essay Prize. You could win $1000.

    Details here: https://capitalaspower.com/recasp/annual-essay-prize/

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      Thanks for the info, Blair. Past winners have produced top-notch work!

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      Steve Roth
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      Disappointed to see the 6K minimum word count on this. I have a topic in mind  but fairly sure I won’t want or need that much to present it, wouldn’t want to expand it artificially to conform. 6K is close to the maximum word count for many journals, word counts/length have arguably gotten quite excessive in recent years/decades, and heck, Akerlof’s Market for Lemons is less than 5K.

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      Blair Fix
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      Hi Steve,

      The word counts are just guidelines. Actually, I see no reason to have a minimum. So feel free to submit a paper that is brief!

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      Blair Fix
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      I’ve removed the minimum word count.

      Review of Capital as Power

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