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      Hi all,

      Welcome to the first version of the CasP Reading Group. The goal is read something together and use this forum for discussion.

      All are welcome to read and participate in the discussion of a reading, which will happen in threads on the Community sub-forum. This post is to solicit interest in suggesting readings.

      There is a sheet that lists the suggested readings and allows for multi-voting (5 single votes). Suggest readings here with information about author, title, year, reading type (book, etc.), and number of pages. I will add them to the sheet.

      • Readings can reflect the multi-disciplinary nature of capital-as-power research. The reading can 100% conflict with the arguments of CasP, just as long as it is worthwhile for strengthening critical argument. We might also be interested in going deeper into fields of science or philosophy.
      • For now we will proceed with the reading group in English. Feel free to read a reading in another language — perhaps the reading’s original — but let’s suggest readings that have an accessible English version.

      If you want to vote on readings, add your username to an empty column in the “User voting” section and distribute up to 5 votes across the readings. You don’t have to post a lot on the forum to vote, but you need a registered username.

      I will close the voting on Friday, November 18 5:00 PM EST. If you are late to the party, don’t worry. You can still participate and we can re-build the selection process in version 2. It’s better we get reading and revise as we go along.


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          Already a great list!

          I would like to add to the mix Culture and Materialism by Raymond Williams (1980, book, 305 pages) and Against Method by Paul Feyerabend (2010, fourth edition, book, 287 pages)

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            One week left for adding reading suggestions and for voting! We have some great suggestions so far. As of today, here are the readings in the lead:

            1. Against Method, Paul Feyerabend, 2010, 4th Edition, Book, 287 p.
            2. Fascism and Big Business, Daniel Guerin, 1973, 2nd Edition, Book, 422 p.
            3. The Dawn of Everything, David Graeber and David Wengrow, 2021, Book, 704 p.


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              I would like to add Katharina Pistor’s The Code of Capital: How the Law Creates Wealth and Inequality (2019, book, 316 pages)

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                  Added, and great to have you in the reading group, Tia.

                  Reminder that we have up to 5 votes. I was originally thinking of setting two readings, but the slow pace of the reading group gives us the flexibility to talk about the next reading in the new year. I don’t want people to feel that they cannot suggest readings for a long period of time, like 7 months.

                  Once we set the first reading, which is likely Against Method, currently a unanimous vote, I will strikethrough the readings that got no votes and create another sheet. Who knows, new suggestions might blossom from our discussion of Against Method.

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                Hot dog, we have a wiener! The first CasP Reading Group reading will be …

                Against Method, Paul Feyerabend.

                I’ll create and lock the thread for the discussion. Based on the pace of reading, let’s aim to have 100 pages read by January 1, 2023 — we may as well account for delays because of holidays and the end of the year. Don’t worry about posting ASAP, as the asynchronous format of this online discussion can handle staggered posting.

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