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    As I’ve mentioned before, I am a lawyer and I cannot help but approach CasP from a legal point of view.  I have been drafting a CasP-related paper for quite some time that is not law-centric but is, nevertheless, informed by the law and its evolution over time as it relates to capitalism and its predecessors.

    For example, I have become convinced that capitalism is a mode of power and only a mode of power, that Marx’s continuing to view capitalism as a mode of production prevents understanding capitalism for the revolution it was in terms of social power relations enforced by law. (By the same token, I’d argue that everything Marx labeled a mode of production is better considered as a mode of power, especially when you consider the regression that feudalism represents and how it came into existence in Europe. Hint: it involved a revolution in the law.)

    Anyway, while I enjoy test-driving ideas on this forum, I would like to publish a more comprehensive work to solicit criticism, etc. Any suggestions on how best to go about that? I know there is the RECASP journal and a “Working Papers” section on this site, but does it make more sense to publish on SSRN or elsewhere?

    Thank you in advance.




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      I typically take a multi-pronged approach, which is to release a working paper in many places. I like to host the preprint on the Open Science Framework, where I also post the supplementary material. I then release the same paper as CASP working paper (which will also be hosted on the bnarchives.) Finally, I also post it to my blog.

      This is the advantage of publishing things in the creative commons. Your work can be in multiple locations to suite the habits of your readers.

      Regarding the SSRN, I avoid it because it is owned by the monopolist publisher Elsevier. The Open Science Framework, in contrast, is a non profit, as are other preprint services like the arXiv.

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        I was unaware of the Open Science Framework (or that Elsevier owns SSRN).  Thanks for the link!



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