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    Here is a near 100 page document about our global predicament.


    From International Expert Panel, Environment of Peace, Stockholm, May 2022.

    I haven’t even bothered reading it. Why? I know what it’s going to say. I’ve read dozens of documents like this. I can’t be bothered reading them any more. This is because I know nothing will be done, nothing will change.

    Let’s look at some searches for terms in the document (in no particular order).

    Capitalism : 0 matches.

    Capital : 0 matches.

    $ (sign) : 17 matches.

    Trillion : 12 matches.

    Billion : 20 matches.

    Million : 21 matches.

    (Note: Not all “-illions” are related to dollar signs.)

    Power : 76 matches.

    (Note: Power is most often linked to, in the same sentence, various aspects of government, legislative and national power or else to physical power like hydropower for example.)

    Economic  : 45 matches.

    Political : 22 matches.

    Political economy : 2 matches (in the notes on sources).

    Socio-economic : 2 matches.

    Democracy : 8 matches.

    Democratic : 4 matches.


    No mention of capital or capital as power. No mention of any framework or theory which might explain why nothing has changed yet.

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    • This topic was modified 9 months, 4 weeks ago by Rowan Pryor.
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