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    It seems some sabotages carried out under conditions of business capitalism run the potential danger of systemic over-sabotage or even of runaway systemic sabotage at the natural level; both in the environment and in terms of human life and health. The capitalist system is designed to ignore negative externalities (external to its profit sheets). It simply does not cost them or care about them in any way at the business level. It follows from this that the more the environment is damaged and the more the general population is damaged, up to a point or towards an asymptote, the more profits, more differential profits, some dominant capitalists can make. There is profit in operating with reckless abandon and unconcern for externality damage, in the absence of regulation and compliance checks, and there is actually profit for some in environmental remediation and in treatment of health damage, and even profit in burials and body disposal.

    If governments, grifters and grafters had deliberately tried to engineer an endless pandemic, they couldn’t have done any better than that which has happened in reality during the COVID-19 pandemic. Take a dangerous pathogen, brute force evolve it by putting it (sooner or later ) in 8 billion reactor vessels (humans). Sit back and let it run. Sit back and watch the re-infections so that eventually the situation becomes (theoretically at the extreme) a case of their being 8 billion times n (average infection/reinfection count per person) reactor vessels where COVID-19 is being, or has been, brute-force evolved. It is interesting and concerning to note that the human immune system is damaged with each infection of Covid-19, even a mild one. The latest research is clear on this. Damaged immune systems, chronic infections and interminable treatments equate to an evolutionary forcing which selects for new variants with vaccine escape, immune escape and new mechanisms for damaging almost every organ in the human body. COVID-19 is a thrombotic and epithelial disease was well as a respiratory disease. Blood vessels and lymphatic vessels go almost everywhere in the human body. Cells with ACE2 receptors are almost everywhere in the human body too. COVID-19 is exceptional, not humdrum. It is not like any other pathogen we have ever dealt with. It is uniquely contagious and almost uniquely insidious in its immediate and long term damages.

    Only arguments from ideology, disbelief and/or normalcy bias suggest (unrealistically) that this pandemic is going to naturally resolve itself in the short to medium term. There must be an asymptote limit (one would think) to the damage it will do to the human race but this limit still seems far away. The techno-optimists¬† are always saying the sterilizing vaccine is just around the corner. There’s no sign of it that I can see from my admittedly outsider viewpoint in such matters. They said mRNA vaccines could be rapidly updated to meet new variants. Honestly, that has been exposed as a sick joke. The ratio of new bi-valent or multi-valent vaccines developed to variants of concern is low and the timing very tardy. Orgel’s 2nd rule: “Evolution is cleverer than you are.” Evolution is also (paradoxically perhaps) faster than you are when viruses and punctuated equilibrium evolution are involved. Natural selection of mutated variants of course occurs intra-host as well as in inter-host transfers.

    Immune dysregulation stalks the entire human race in the form of COVID-19: really one the most disturbing and dangerous of human pathogens to ever evolve. It may indeed be, in its collection of characteristics, sui generis so far as its dangers to humans are concerned. Yet, capitalism is programmed to carry on regardless, carry on sabotaging not just all biosphere health but all human health. This sabotage is running away from its creators (who created the pandemic by default and omission of multiple controls even if not responsible for the virus itself).


    And what happens when over-exuberant business sabotage runs into Normalcy Bias? This is perhaps the next question we need to ask ourselves as “CasP-ians”.


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