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    Hi! Has anyone else been getting A LOT of forum notification emails from the Casp site, from one “ahmed faisal”? I’ve gotten at least 50 in the last day.

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      Yes. I got about 50 in one afternoon as well…


      I reported the account that kept making so many new topics.

      I couldn’t find a feature to change my email notification settings on here so instead I just set a an filter to delete them as they poured in.

      Looks as though they’ve stopped now though?

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      Yes, we had a bot attack yesterday. I deleted the account, but not before the spammer created about 150 new topics. What a pain in the butt.

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      I got the same.  Every two minutes across several hours.

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      I’m still getting notification emails. Is that the system just catching up with the backlog then?

      Thank you for dealing with this. Must be so annoying.

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        A very annoying ordeal! We that run this site are just a small group of people. Hopefully when we have the time — or another volunteer! — we can upgrade the notification system.

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          Blair is working on setting up 2FA and other security measures. These make logging in more time consuming, I know. But if you have time, please give your login a try. Or, for those new readers, create an account!

          Once logged in, give us your opinion about what we should read next in the reading group.

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