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    In ‘Oligarchy in the United States?’ (2009), Winters and Page offer CasP-like personal power indicators based on relative income & wealth. They treat them as *vehicles* of political power, whereas CasP will consider them also — and primarily so — as *manifestations* of power.


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        Interesting find! From a quick look, an analytical separation between economics and politics lurks at the bottom of the argument. In my opinion, I find this is what bothers me with papers that look at lobbying and the wealthy’s effect in Washington: there is a two-stage argument that wealth is achieved (in the economy) and this buys a seat at the table in places of power (government).

        This is all from a quick scan, so I could be wrong.

        Coincidentally, I was scanning this paper when I came across an article that Bill Gates is now the largest landowner in the United States. Below is the cover photo of The Land Report, a magazine for the “American landowner”.

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