Video & Paper: Capital Accumulation: Fiction and Reality

Presentation at UQAM, Montreal, organized by Association des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques (AESE UQAM), March 31, 2015 There are many explanations for the recent global crisis, but most seem to agree that the origins of this crisis are largely financial: the crisis started in and was amplified by the financial sector. Of course, when economists Continue Reading

No. 2015/02: McMahon, "Marxism, Culture and the Measurement of Value"

Working Paper No. 2015/02 James McMahon, “Marxism, Culture and the Measurement of Value” Various studies of mass culture use the Marxist labour theory of value to conceptualize how capital is being accumulated from cultural production and its broader social and immaterial dimensions. However, there is a significant methodological problem that lingers. The issue stems from Continue Reading