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      This is a creative approach to thinking about sabotage, or at least a measurable proxy of it. Curiously I made this for Capacity Utilization: Manufacturing: Non-Durable Goods: Food, Beverage, and Tobacco (NAICS = 311,2):

      A word of warning to filtering by NAICS. The codes work by digit, rather than by number. Thus, the codes in bold are in the same higher-order classification:

      If you sort NAICS by number, you can see where it is hard to group everything together. I know of an easy Python fix, so let me know if you need help.

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        As this thread in bumping up, I do want to echo this. Selenium is powerful. You can do all sorts of actions, including scrolling up and down a dynamic table.

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            I’m with Chris; this sounds awesome. For a good comparison, 1970s American sci-fi before Star Wars is filled with wild ideas and radical political themes. Unfortunately, they are not always great as cinema.

            Death Race 2000
            A Boy and His Dog
            The Crazies

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              The conversation between Scot, Michael and Jonathan has become its own thread,

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                Bulgakov, Mikhail Afanas evich. 1968. The Heart of a Dog. Translated with an introduction by Michael Glenny. 1st ed. New York: Harcourt Brace & Wolff.

                Just finished this. It’s short but packs a punch! I still have a personal preference for Master and Margarita, but Heart of a Dog is also giving a magical picture of a society mid-fever.

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                  Max: your reference to my work is very nice, thank you. To let people compare my work to the Jacobin article, I would recommend:

                  Is Hollywood a Risky Business? A Political Economic Analysis of Risk and Creativity
                  Risk and Capitalist Power: Conceptual Tools for Studying the Political Economy of Hollywood
                  From Power over Creation to the Power of Creation: Cornelius Castoriadis on Democratic Cultural Creation and the Case of Hollywood

                  My book is being published in 2022. I believe that it will be my most thorough presentation of the links between risk, power and creativity.

                  My research had led me to believe that Hollywood does in fact sabotage creativity for the purposes of risk reduction. However, I also understand why Pieter is right to be skeptical. There is certainly no smoking gun, and any film requires some creativity. My go-to description is this: Hollywood needs to control creativity but it certainly does not want to suffocate it completely.

                  There are a few things Scot and Pieter are debating. Give me a few days and I can jump in, if you don’t mind. For now, I want to comment on what I think is actually common to both sides of this debate: claims about the function of films in Hollywood economics. In my research I learned (sometimes painfully) that neoclassical assumptions hide in the cracks and crevices when it comes to talking about the business of Hollywood. Not every assumption is problematic per se, but the breaking of politics-economics dualism has effects on how we think of efficiency, consumer demand and the value of creativity.

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                    If I’m following the discussion, the error relates to the current level of degree of immortality, which Max puts at 8%?

                    If so, the time to reach 80% and 90%, respectively, changes.

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                      I spent all day today typing up a response to this post, gathering information from various sources, and fleshing out my ideas… and when I went to submit… everything just disappeared.

                      Apologies for the frustrating bug. A lot of work was done to get the forum working the way it does. A future step will include improving the user experience of drafting posts. As you found out, the text box will not remember what you wrote, so any small error will erase hard work.

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                        Just finished Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment. It was about crime, and the punishment of crime. It was also about Russia.

                        Next on my list is Olga Tokarczuk’s Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead. English translations of her work have been appearing in the past few years. The title of the book and many chapters draw from Blake’s “Proverbs of Hell”.


                          Modern Finance has essentially introduced the institutional and systemic biases of dominant capital into how we understand Finance, capital, and the world, generally. In this sense, “hype” is a vector, not a scalar, and it is universal and not limited to the ritual of capitalization. The biases of dominant capital have both a magnitude and a direction, but the term “hype” implies ideas like “herd mentality” and “mania,” which obscure the real problem and prevent us from identifying capital’s biases, let alone measuring their magnitude or direction.

                          I might be misreading this, but is the relevance of hype dependent on whether it is only a ritual internal to a dominant group of capitalists?

                          If dominant capitalists can differentially accummulate by stirring up herd mentality with such tactics as overly-optimistic earnings expectations, I might misunderstand the concern with hype being employable by any and all. If the root of hype is social-psychological, the ability to oversell with optimism or downplay with pessimism is universal — and certainly has a social origin before the Italian Renaissance and the bourgs. Yet, power is the root of a dominant class scaling the effects of hype, much in the same way that risk is not an exclusive concern of dominant capital.

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                            You’re welcome! I love talking cinema and sharing recommendations.

                            I’ll add Lone Star to my need-to-watch list. Sayles’ Matewan, which is in Jonathan’s list, is a very good story of class war in a mining town. Sayles also wrote a book about the making of Matewan, called Thinking in Pictures.

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                              I’ll see how many of those movies I can find on N. and S. Are there any services which might show other interesting cinema? Let’s say the films of Ingmar Bergman and Sergie Bondarchuk as examples.

                              N. and S.? Netflix and … ?

                              For me (in Canada) I have used Kanopy (which you can sync with a public library or university subscription) and the Criterion Channel (paid subscription, but worth it in my eyes). MUBI is CC’s closest alternative. One can assume there are still lots of streamers/torrents out there.

                              Bergman –> there is always this beast.

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                                Cool, I’ll look into it. For now, chunking via pandas is working.

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                                  I’m not Jonathan, but I want to reply to this post’s intention. Don’t stress about asking for clarification because the forum is not a place for experts to gate-keep with prerequisites. Frankly, this site could use more readers like you. Questions drive conversation.

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