No. 2013/01: Bichler and Nitzan, "Can Capitalists Afford Recovery?"

October 17, 2013 | Sandy Hager

Working Paper No. 2013/01
Shimshon Bichler and Jonathan Nitzan, “Can Capitalists Afford Recovery? Economic Policy When Capital Is Power”

Economic, financial and social commentators from all directions and persuasion are obsessed with the prospect of recovery. The world remains mired in a deep, prolonged crisis, and the key question seems to be how to get out of it. The purpose of our paper is to ask a very different question that few if any seem concerned with: can capitalists afford recovery in the first place?

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One thought on “No. 2013/01: Bichler and Nitzan, "Can Capitalists Afford Recovery?"”

  1. Thank you, Shimshon and Jonathan, for getting the working paper series started. I am excited to see this series promote and strengthen exciting, innovative research.

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